How to Make Your Own In infomercial

10 Things You Can Learn From Infomercials

  • Demonstrate your product or service. No matter what you’re selling, show how it works and how it can benefit someone. Try posting a video on your site and/or YouTube or similar sites. This will boost viewer engagement and enhance your sales message.
  • Use testimonials. This will add enormous credibility. Use full names and company names if applicable, and possibly a photo of the person. Feature them in any video you use.
  • Incorporate upsells into your offerings. Keep advertised price points low (perhaps spread into payments) and offer an upgraded, more expensive version or package deal when the customer takes action to order. This is where most of the money in DRTV is made. If just 10 percent of responders upgrade, for example, this can mean an enormous boost in revenue and potential profits. This can be done not just for phone orders but during the checkout process online, where customers are prompted with a special offer.
  • Send offers to your in-house list. Keep customers in the loop with more offers later on. They may buy a much more expensive product (or place a larger order) once you’ve built trust. It’s best to use opt-ins and opt-outs so you’re not sending unwanted communications.
  • Be enthusiastic. Stand behind your product or service and make sure it shows. Enthusiasm conveys emotion, such as the joy someone will experience by using the item.
  • Fulfill basic needs and wants. Whether it’s to lose weight or help a child learn better in school, your offering should solve a common problem quickly and easily backed by a promise (such as a strong guarantee). Just be sure the offering lives up to its claims.
  • Use repetition. You’ll normally hear the same information repeated several times during an infomercial. Within reason, repeating ads and offer details reinforces the sales message and motivates someone to buy.
  • Use time-sensitive offers. Whether it’s the first 100 responders or “we only have a limited quantity available” or another tactic, this motivates the potential buyer to take action now rather than wait and be much less likely to order. Woot has made highly effective use of this technique by offering one new item per day only while supplies last or until another item is offered the next day.
  • Know when to say when. If someone indicates they’re not interested in an upsell, for example, don’t try to push the offering further. You might be able to sell them through followup contacts later.
  • Offer multiple ways to order. DRTV commercials often include a web address and sometimes a way to order via mobile, and even a regular mailing address in addition to a phone number. Give buyers as many ways to order as possible regardless of the medium used so they can take action in the way they’re most comfortable with.

How To:Make an Infomercial

Step 1: Getting an Idea for a Product

An infomercial advertises a product, so first you need to think of a pointless, stupid, illogical product that doesn’t work. Smoking pot and writing down what you see is a proven way to think of something. Remember a product in an infomercial must:

  • be pointless
  • be able to be talked about for hours
  • be overpriced
  • sound reasonable

Another method is taking that test with the inkblots and making a product with the shape of the inkblot. But perhaps the best way of making a new product is the Generator Method. You have to find a random word generator on the Internet, string the words that come up together, and think of something that does those things. For instance, you might get the words “burnt”, “soft”, and “eraser”, and voila! You got your product. And for retards who just can’t think of something, no matter how many joints they smoke, renaming someone else’s product is always an option.

Step 2: Layout of Your Infomercial

1.) Walk into the room smiling and in a suit.

2.) Ask the audience if they’re tired of a certain problem(s). (Optional: A bunch of people say Yes.)

3.) Say, “Well now your troubles are over, because you can have ___!

4.) Show “demonstrations” of it which are really cheesy clips you got from Star Trek, while ranting on about how it is “revolutionary” and “solves all your problems”.

5.) Make wild claims about its useless abilities, and how it is “completely essential”.

6.) Lie and tell the audience that “untold numbers” of people have used it and loved it. Then show your grandma (to appeal to old people), your sister (to appeal to girls), and a whore (to appeal to men and provide entertainment between broadcasts), and pay them all 20 bucks to say that your product is great. (Optional: Dress up in a lab suit and adopt a funny accent. You are now Dr. Albert Schartzensmart, Ph.D, and you can tell the audience that this product was proved in scientific tests conducted by hamsters to be awesome.)

7.) Say that its a $50 dollar value for only $19.95.

8.) Exclaim “But wait, there’s more!” and tell them that if you call in the next 20 minutes, you’ll get a useless trinket for free.

9.) Repeat over and over again about its cheapness, and show some random 1-800 number.

10.) Double, Triple, then Quadruple the offer if called in the next 5-10 minutes for “Free”.

11.) End by saying “Buy your ___ today!” and grin creepily.


  • Only $19.95!
  • If you call now, you can get a free pencil lead!
  • But wait: there’s more!
  • Only $19.95!
  • Over 1 million people have bought ___!
  • A $50 dollar value for only $19.95!
  • Only $19.95!
  • You’ll never find a bargain like this again!
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed, or your money back!
  • Only $19.95!
  • I’m practically giving this away!
  • Call now, and get ___ for free!
  • Only $19.95!

Seven Sales Presentation Tips From Infomercials

Infomercials offer marketers a way to potentially sell thousands of units of product, if not more. While many may scoff at these commercials, they obviously do work and they do appeal to a certain segment of the population. If you are interested in promoting your small business’s products with an infomercial, there are a few things to think about before you get started. It is vital to make sure your product is suitable for an infomercial and that you have the resources available to make sure the end result is high quality and will reach your intended market.

Step 1

Determine if your product is infomercial material. Typically, these products must have a very low cost to make, be able to be sold for more than $20 and they must fulfill a specific need that consumers may have, or at least think they have. Watch several different infomercials and you will begin to see the link that binds them all. If your product is something that could be sold in this manner, you can proceed.

Step 2

Write a script for your infomercial. An infomercial does not have to be long; it can range anywhere from two minutes to an hour. Hire a professional writer to create a script for your product. This script should include four basic elements: Creating a Need, Offering a Solution, Displaying the Product at Work and a Strong Call to Action.

Step 3

Produce the infomercial. You may need to hire actors or enlist the help of friends who are not camera-shy to create your infomercial. It is best to use high-quality equipment for a more professional result. See if your local television station will rent out their equipment to you or get in touch with a local production company. Make sure the set you use matches the type of product you are selling. For example, a gym product would need to be showcased in a gym environment, a product for a home should be shown in a home environment.

Step 4

Purchase airtime for your infomercial. Local television networks will have the most economical rates, particularly for late night television. Cable and satellite channels will be more expensive, but you will be able to reach a larger audience.

Step 5

Set up your infrastructure for your response. Before your ad airs, you need to make sure that your business can handle the orders. Double check your toll-free number, make sure you have enough phone lines and operators. Ascertain that you have a large inventory on hand for your product and that you can create more in a short period of time.

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